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body.mapping is an on.going project which deals with the idea of body.images as a question of awareness and less of a visual appearance .. visualisations of a felt body instead of a seen body …
part of this project is the inquiry ‘body.mapping‘ (since 2000) which asks to highlight on a simple body matrix the areas of a body which gain presence when certain moods, feelings, emotions (e.g. : joy, fear, grief, anger, desire, trust) arise or which body parts arise in the presence of certain feelings ….
the questionnaires were handed out to the participants to graphically report their personal experience, the questionnaires were split into papers for women and those for men. all done anonymously, in a couple of cities on different occasions, and on 3 continents with an outcome of hundreds of papers filled out in the most different ways.

further more, the participants were asked to let us know about a confession, a profession, about a location (in the sense of where they spent most time of their lives, what was the most formative city, country, countryside etc. ), their age and their current place of residence … the digital version of the inquiry now allows to even manipulate the matrix in the sense of doing a personal gradation between the two poles of gender (? or sexes ? or …) and even to make a difference by each matrix depending on the feeling, mood in question ….

additionally to the individual moment of self.awareness we are interested in the statistic out.come of the project. are there recurrent patterns concerning certain aspects in relation to cultural up.bringing, age, gender, religion or as such?

Check it out: mapping the body

concept: micha purucker
web.tool: michael berentsen tuttle

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